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The e-cat technology (e-cat = energy catalyzer) is claimed to be based a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). It is promoted by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi since 2011, but until today it did not result in a commercial working device.

Conventional science does not accept the idea of cold fusion and LENR as a viable energy source. Critics revealed the e-cat technology as a scam (Stephen Krivit of newenergytimes.net, Gary Wright of freeenergyscams.com).

The inventor Andrea Rossi has a long history of promoting non working devices (see here). Nevertheless the e-cat fan community  has established a religious cult. There is basically no place on the internet which is completely uncensored and on which one can discuss with believers.

The centre of planet Rossi, e-catworld.com, edited by Frank Acland, is heavily censored. Skeptics are banned and no controversial discussion is allowed. The pamphlet „Why I Believe in The E-Cat speaks for itself.

LENR Forum (lenr-forum.com) is lightly moderated and posts are edited at random by moderators.

Ecatnews.com by Paul Story, originally an ecat supporter who lost faith, is still online but the discussion section has been closed down.

Mats Lewan, a Swedish journalist who sells a Rossi book closed the discussion section of his blog animpossibleinvention.com as well.

We mention only a few, there are plenty of more websites and blogs run by believers.

Most „real scientists“ dismiss the concept of e-cat/LENR as pathological science and simply do not care.

Fact is: In all the years, the e-cat technology was never independently validated by professional scientific methods.

Even what appeared to be an independent testing by Swedish and Italian academics (Ferrara, Lugano), was neither independent nor scientifically valid. A closer analysis of the Lugano report by Thomas Clarke and others showed the alleged COP was a result of poor scientific examination. The authors never replied to the critics which speaks for itself.

In all demonstrations the inventor Andrea Rossi was personally involved and multiple ways have been suggested how tests could have been manipulated.

With the court trials of  Rossi vs Cherokee / Industrial Heat (or vice versa) coming up, the story is far from being concluded. Rossi sues his former business partners for payment of close to 100 mil $, after allegedly having met a key milestone: a 1 year performance test of a 1 MW e-cat device. Cherokee people claim the technology does not work, claim fraud and refuse payment: they never could verify the claims of excess heat (here).


The mentioned 1 year test was allegedly carried out in warehouse in Florida, and the heat consumed by a chemical company. But the customer turned out to be a paper company run by Rossi´s lawyer and there was no evidence for a chemical operation at all at this location. In brief, the test looks like a fake with the intention to collect payment. It looks like investor fraud.

There are dark clouds over planet Rossi these days. But this does not stop inhabitants of planet Rossi believing that a global conspiracy to suppress cold fusion is more likely than a simple and logical alternative explanation: fraud. Of course, skeptics think the opposite is true.

And we feel there is a need to keep the discussion open. That´s why we started this blog: ecat-fraud.com.

From time to time we will add presentations, publications and other documents to support the findings and discussions.

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