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Next Round in the E-Cat Scam

After the e-cat debacle I, as many others, lost interested in the whole LENR field. But after long time, I checked the usual websites. has disappeared. Sad but expected. The site owner finally closed it. But hey, Freeenergyscam, the website by Gary Wright, is back in action after more than a year of silence. Two new stories were posted.

Highly interesting to read the theory on 13 steps of “Rossi’s 4th con and swindle, the E-cat scam”.

But even better is the allegation that Levi and others are partners in crime with Rossi. wrote:Using these general, legal and business definitions all of the following people were or are a partner with Rossi in his e-cat scam. Focardi, Levi, Allan, Lewan, Acland, everyone who has purchased a license or sublicense to sell or manufacture e-cats”.

The website links Prof. Giuseppe Levi with randombit0, who posted frequently on to defend the e-cat scam. Levi writing as “randombit0” wrote about 80-90 comments all about the “Lugano’ test, a test supposed to be a neutral examination by independent expert which wasn´t neutral after all. Levi/randombit0, while posting comments, revealed details that only close insiders could have known.

We quote from

We call out the scumbag and cockroach randombit0 to debate like a man, and to start using his real name, Giuseppe Levi. Further Levi needs to immediately start answering in detail ALL of the questions that have been asked concerning not only the “Lugano” demo report, but every other test and demo he was involved in concerning Andrea Rossi and his phony e-cat fraud props. In many respects the promoters and enablers of these types of free energy frauds and scams are just as guilty as the originators, because the frauds and swindles would never work very good without them.”

Clearly, this is Gary Wright back in action.

The connection Levi = randombit0 is interesting. It is important since the allegation connects Levi directly with the scam. Levi would be no longer a neutral expert, he would be part of a conspiracy. Lugano would be a fake independent test, not a real independent test. further elaborates

 “ Giuseppe Levi, who was first author in the test reports, was involved in almost every test of an e-cat. Levi was directly involved in the setup, testing and reporting of the four most influential props used in the e-cat scam.…….
Giuseppe Levi, along with other members of the testing team, was contacted within days for further clarification of various details of; methods, materials, equipment, the involvement of certain parties and the science, including the calculations, by many people, including some academics and scientists.…..
To this day all of the authors have been silent, including Levi. Even though they promised to answer all valid questions. From the lawsuit Andrea Rossi et al. v. Thomas Darden et al., the public has become aware of more direct involvement of Rossi and Levi in the Lugano test than was previously known.”

Meanwhile, Andrea Rossi admitted that the 1 MW e-cat tested in Doral was “not a product”.

Andrea Rossi
November 3, 2017 at 10:08 PM
Gabriel Berra:
No, because to get that result I had to live 352 days inside it 16 hours per day, from 6 P.M. to 10 A.M of the following day, and two other persons, one engineer and one electrician, had to cover from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., not to mention when I had to stay for 20 hours and the others of the Team had to reach me in the middle of the night for problems . It was a prototype, not a product, but the experience we made with it has generated the QX. We had strong problems and probably, from what we analyzed after the stop from all the components, it was close to die in short time after the end of the test. It was not ready to be a product, but it was a dam good prototype, by means of which an enormous experience has been made.
Warm Regards,

So, the e-cat tested in Doral was “a prototype, not a product”. This is interesting. Didn´t the man have more than 30 customer installation and robotic factories 6 years ago? But there is still no product? How can this be?

Legally, if one sells products that do not exist, smells heavily like fraud.

We recall what was claimed years ago

In 2011 Andrea Rossi, through his blog and spread by his unofficial marketing platform, made a series of bold claims:

  •  97 e-cats continuously operating in four locations worldwide today (April 28, 2011)
  • Additional 1 MW e-cat plants sold, projected exponential growth of sales (October 31, 2011), more
  • New sale of 1 MW e-cat plant made to a non military customer (November 29, 2011), more
  • In 2011, first 1MW e-cat units delivered to the US military, who ordered in total 13 units for a total value of 34 mio USD – as written on One Full Year of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat
    “….The customer (an undisclosed branch of the US Military) that purchased the one megawatt plant is so satisfied with it, they have ordered a total of thirteen plants! At a price of $2,600,000 per one megawatt plant, this order comes up to almost 34 million dollars. No customer who was not convinced of the technology would make that large of an investment.
  • Andrea Rossi on February 1st, 2012: „We are preparing the manufacturing of the million E-Cats

Obviously, Rossi never had any customers and no factory either. Nothing but lies. Bold lies. Not surprisingly, nobody on the e-cat cult website seems to bother about such details.

One would have thought that after the Doral fisco (no product – a fake customer  – a lawsuit), the man would disappear. But no. Rossi, the great prestidigitator, prepares for a new round of the e-cat scam: another dog and pony show of another fake device, called E-cat QX.

Obviously this will be another worthless demo, fully controlled by Rossi, with an audience of gullible fans of the cult. After the Doral fiasco no major corporation would risk his reputation to attend such a dog and pony show.

Let the show go on!

Expert Witness Concludes that the Penon E-Cat Report is Wrong

Many interesting files are getting disclosed in the court docket database.

Excellent work done, by the way, on the blog. Abd Lomax actually took the time to compile the avalanche of court files, along with comments which document contains what kind of information. Brilliant!

Among the docket files, the Penon report has been disclosed finally  (file 197-03). The long awaited report is now available for the public. The report was made to examine the performance of Rossi´s e-cat in an alleged one year performance test at an alleged “customer” who turned out to be totally controlled by Rossi himself. The Penon report is a key document in Rossi´s attempt to collect 89 mio $ (in total 100 mio $) from his former business partners Industrial Heat / Cherokee.

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