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Expert Witness Concludes that the Penon E-Cat Report is Wrong

Many interesting files are getting disclosed in the court docket database.

Excellent work done, by the way, on the blog. Abd Lomax actually took the time to compile the avalanche of court files, along with comments which document contains what kind of information. Brilliant!

Among the docket files, the Penon report has been disclosed finally  (file 197-03). The long awaited report is now available for the public. The report was made to examine the performance of Rossi´s e-cat in an alleged one year performance test at an alleged “customer” who turned out to be totally controlled by Rossi himself. The Penon report is a key document in Rossi´s attempt to collect 89 mio $ (in total 100 mio $) from his former business partners Industrial Heat / Cherokee.

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Why we Do Not Believe in The E-Cat

Frank Acland, the owner of the e-cat marketing blog, believes in the e-cat. The problem already starts with the word „believe“. Progress in science and technology should be based on evidence, not be based on belief.

13 Reasons why Frank Acland „Believes in the E-Cat“:

1. Sergio Focardi
2. Guiseppe Levi
3. Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen
4. The October 6th, 2011 test
6. National Instruments
7. Roland Pettersson
8. The May 16th 2013 Third Party Testing Report
10. The Lugano E-Cat Report
11. The Work of Alexander Parkhomov
12. Tom Darden
13. Fulvio Fabiani

Here are my comments why we do not believe in the e-cat:

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Welcome to ECAT-FRAUD

Welcome to ECAT-FRAUD, the Uncensored Discussion Forum

The e-cat technology (e-cat = energy catalyzer) is claimed to be based a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). It is promoted by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi since 2011, but until today it did not result in a commercial working device.

Conventional science does not accept the idea of cold fusion and LENR as a viable energy source. Critics revealed the e-cat technology as a scam (Stephen Krivit of, Gary Wright of

The inventor Andrea Rossi has a long history of promoting non working devices (see here). Nevertheless the e-cat fan community  has established a religious cult. There is basically no place on the internet which is completely uncensored and on which one can discuss with believers.

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