About ECAT-FRAUD.com

The blog Ecat-fraud.com is created and maintained by a network of friends who are skeptical of cold fusion / LENR in general, and the ecat in particular.

Being skeptical of cold fusion / LENR research does not deny the possibility of being real. However, after following the story for 5 years, we are convinced that the extraordinary claims of Andrea Rossi are fraudulent. We have concluded: there is no ecat, there never was. Even if LENR/cold fusion is real, the fraudulent scheme of Andrea Rossi has done great damage to the field of LENR / cold fusion research. Prior to Rossi, many open minded scientist have given a benefit of doubt to LENR / cold fusion. When the fraudulent scheme is finally exposed to the public – with the upcoming trials of Rossi vs Darden et al – generations of scientists will consider LENR / cold fusion research as pathological science.

Forget it. We are not putting a phone number here. We need to protect us against the stalkers of the ecat religion.

If you want to discuss, put your comments below. Unlike the various cult websites, it won´t be censored. Feel free to express our opinion. Moderation is limited mainly to technical reasons to avoid spam.

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I am Mike, the editor of ecat-fraud.com

Bye the way: Skepticism in science is healthy. According to wikipedia

Scientific skepticism …. is the practice of questioning whether claims are supported by empirical research and have reproducibility, as part of a methodological norm pursuing “the extension of certified knowledge